Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars

One of the most widely explored alternate power systems for motorized cars are hydrogen fuel cells in vehicles. There are more hydrogen fuel cell vehicles being developed in 2008 than any other concept automobiles. Put simply, a hydrogen fuel cell functions by taking oxygen and combining it with hydrogen. It then passes this mixture of hydrogen and oxygen through a catalyst which breaks it down into protons and electrons and generates energy and power to an electric motor.

Car Donation

Car donation services have been around for a number of decades. These services permit a simple way to dispose of an old car and by donating it to charity. The donors will be capable to benefit of a profitable tax deduction, whereas the charity can increase income that usually do not come from cash donations.Pioneered by the Davis Memorial Foundation in 1978, the service was launched to assist the non-profit group turn into more competitive to the limited number of funds existing in the US. Davies enjoyed minimum success in the program's first year, as merely five cars were donated.

Car Donation


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