The Right Miter Saw For You

When looking for the right miter saw, it may seem daunting when you see all the options that are lied out before you. What matters most in picking the right miter saw is knowing the difference between the types and understanding your own needs. Miter saws have several features as well that you should consider.

Types of Miter Saws
Miter saws are known for being able to make mitered cuts. The measured cuts allow for perfect precision. All types of Miter saws can make these precision cuts.

Standard Miter Saw
The standard saw is limited in only being able to make vertical cuts. This is ideal when you’re looking to do basic cutting, It has a fix vertical pivot. You’ll be able to turn and twist your wood as your cutting it to make precise cuts along drawn, curved lines. This saw can make crosscuts and miter cuts. The key benefits include lighter materials so it’s easier to hold. They’re also cheaper, ideal for someone not looking to do anything too complicated.

Compound Miter Saw
A best compound miter saw has a rotating vertical pivot. This lets you cut either horizontally or vertically because you’re able to tilt the blade different angles, rather than only vertical. This is ideal for anyone looking to do several styles of cutting. Crown molds is one example of a need for a compound miter saw. These saws can make the same cuts of the standard, but can also do bevel and compound cuts.

Sliding Compound Miter Saw
This saws are ideal for horizontal and wider cutes. They can make the same amount of cuts as the compound miter saw, but it’s added benefit is the ability to do compound cuts in either direction without flipping your workpiece.

Additional Features
You always have the option to upgrade your miter saw in order to fit your needs.

From indexes to make reading your miter cuts easier to a laser guide to guarantee that the blade cut is accurate. Some features are for safety purposes, such as the electric brake. Releasing your finger off the trigger will automatically stop the blade from running and prevent injury.

For someone who is looking to make a variety of cuts, you can choose a miter saw with the added feature of changing blades. This saves you money in the long run, as you will be able to cut several types of wood in several types of ways.

Other miter saws come with stands, some that are foldable for easy storage. Other of the best miter saw stands have wheels that make it easy to transport from one side of the garage to the other.

One of the nicest features is an adjustable handle. That allows the users to make the grip comfortable for anyone. With an easy grip, it helps make precise and perfect cuts and lessens the risk of messing up.

Don’t be afraid of choosing your miter saw. Just know what you need and how complex you need your miter saw to be. If you’re looking for simple cuts, a standard saw should be perfectly fine. But, as you get more complicated with your work, start to consider the features and different compound miter saws.

The Right Miter Saw For You